Thursday, September 29, 2011

Je Suis Le Morse

And so we discover my secret love of procrastination....

I'm trying to introduce hugging into everyday Belgian life. My first hug was given out to an unsuspecting Belgian boy who had just given me Across the Universe. I was later told that I give good "cuddles." Not exactly what I was going for, but I suppose that works. Regardless, he told me he now wants to give more "cuddles." My plan to convert their European ways is working already.

I had two memorable "proud moments" today. These are the times when I think to myself, "Dear God, I'm awesome." The first one occurred in French class when I recognized one of Salvador Dali's paintings based on the technique used. I'm probably the only one who considers this to be a noteworthy moment, but it made me giddy inside.
The second occurred after accidentally teaching a native Belgian a new French word. Perhaps this isn't too surprising, considering the things that come out of my mouth are usually rather weird phrases that nobody understands. Even so, I figured Belgians would understand, "Je suis le morse/I am the walrus." Walrus must not be a commonly used word. One point for Cayenne, please.

During our lunch break today, while a few friends and I were charging down the street to get durums, a middle-aged man stopped us, pulled his pants down just low enough to reveal a diaper, and stuck a pacifier in his mouth. What an interesting man.

There's a boy who sings to me every time he sees me. On occasion, he'll modify the lyrics just enough so that they include my name. For instance, a single line of "Hello" will be modified in order to say, "And I want to tell you so much, Cayenne, I love you." He's a fabulous boy. I'm considering adopting him as my life's soundtrack.


  1. Pfft. Not making the boys fall in love with you. Yeah right. :P

  2. I love hearing your proud moments!

  3. What's the name of the fabulous boy ?

  4. LOL seems as though I have been waiting a long time for a new blog post. You are worth the wait...never fail to deliver. I love you!

  5. Finally!! A post about foreign boys! :D
    I knew this would come. Bring a few back, please.
    Oh! Also, I miss you so much and loovee reading your posts. I can't wait to have you back in my life <3
    Senior 2013 WUT.

  6. I love this blog entry! Of course, I am loving all of them, but this one especially. It made me laugh out loud. :D