Sunday, October 2, 2011


Remember when I ranted about the lack of thrift stores in Belgium? Well, I lied. Yesterday, I found a thrift store. Even better, said thrift store is walking distance from my house. Holy speculoos, praise the water-filled millipedes that scurry with frenzy to the dark pits of doom. THERE'S A THRIFT STORE THAT'S WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE. 

The insane amount of excitement I contained when I entered the store may have caused my sweat glands to go into overdrive. There I was, spazzing, sweating, and trying not to scream. I do believe this is the greatest Belgian discovery I've made so far.

I came across a super ugly sweater with a giant, sparkling flamingo plastered across the center. I don't think anyone will understand how difficult it was for me to convince myself not to buy it. I carried it around for an hour....

I did, however, buy two scarves and an oversized men's sweater. I'm not sure how, but I failed to notice the words "UNITED STATES" written largely across the center until I got home. Huh. 


  1. What is it called and where do you live?? Ah!

  2. Cayenne! I had no idea you were such a GREAT and HILARIOUS writer! I just read your whole blog from start to finish (I am sitting in Italy by the way) cracking up - my mom asked what I was laughing at so much! You should SERIOUSLY write a book about your travels. You'd make a fortune. And, I had no idea you were in Belguim! How great! I look forward to keeping up with you.