Friday, December 2, 2011

We've Found the Mute Button

My voice, like me, enjoys traveling. It has strolled through the mountains of pitch, and the valleys of tone. Typically, it finds happiness in considerably safe travels. Wednesday, my voice decided to embark on a journey unlike any of the previous ones. One that would present grave danger and risks. My voice, being quite ignorant, ventured on without giving the journey much thought. It had hoped to make it to an undiscovered planet far from this solar system, but its mental GPS led it straight into a black hole. My voice is no superior creation, and was forced to abide by the laws of nature, vanishing into a void of nonexistence. 
For the amusement of others and the embarrassment of myself, here is a video of me [trying] to speak. Due to the difficultly of understanding what I’m squeaking about, I’ve added subtitles. By recording this video, I learned that I don’t think before I speak. You can tell by the way I heavily question my word choice near the end of the video. 
I’d also like to point out that this was the best I sounded all day. Most of the day went by without even being able to make the squeaky noises. 

It’s also been requested that I write about the chocolate. How does one describe such a magnificent creation? Take every single positive comment you’ve heard about Belgian chocolate, add them all together, and multiply the outcome by pi (that one’s for you, Adam). Now, take your result and throw it away, because it doesn’t even begin to live up to the delicious goodness of the chocolate. Yes, it’s true. Belgian chocolate absolutely deserves all the hype that it gets. 
Even the American chocolates (Twix, Crunch, Snickers, etc.) are one hundred times better here. After going an extended period of time thinking my increased love of these chocolates was due to psychological influence, I realized they, too, are made in Belgium with Belgian chocolate. Never again will I truly enjoy chocolate in America. 


  1. I waited for this time exactly to post.
    Yay for Pi.

  2. For the last year, ever since a French chocolate I loved was discontinued, I have tried dozens of 70 percent (or more) chocolate from all over the globe. The two Belgian I tried, Hageland and xoxoxo, are both very flat in taste.
    There must be a Belgiam dark I'd die for -- something intense, with top, middle, and lingering notes. Is there a brand you, or some other nut like me, can recommend?
    Merci beaucoup

  3. Hmm. I don't know of those brands. I'm interested, though. I have yet to taste a disappointing Belgian chocolate.
    A dark chocolate with top, middle, and lingering notes? I do believe you just gave me a new mission. Do you have any specific preferences? For instance, I know my parents are big fans of spicy chocolates.

  4. I would love for you to take it on like a mission.
    Chocolate is very complex. There are different notes and where the beans come from, climate wise, makes a difference. The fat to sugar ratio changes it too. The new Lindt 70 percent dark is too much like the standard Hershey taste. I want a deep dark, intense with several tastes along the way. A smooth, slow melt in the mouth. And a linger. Something where after about 120 calorlave even a chocolate lover like me is totally least till the next day.

  5. Neuhaus has a few you should try and report on .

    With coacoa nuts originating from Trinidad , Papua New Nuinea and Sao Tome.

    In the "non chocolate shop" brands cote d'or has 2 :

    noir intense 70 and Brut 85. where brut actually tastes less bitter to some .

    And as a final IMPORTANT note.

    I have read some of the blogs of exchange students who go to bruges , run around for 2 hours bumping into walls like pa pinball , then go back to the train station without knowing where to go to or what to do.

    in Bruges (and now also Antwerp), as a chocolate lover you go to :

    Examine the site from top to bottom.

  6. The closest Neuhaus from Athus (I am from Belgium (Flemish part though) and didn't even know it exists *whistles innocently*) is probably in

    Marche en famenne (very small makery that sells chocolates from them .. not sure if their big enough to sell tablets as well)

    Bigger Neuhaus only shop :
    Namur :

    More :

    Some of my favorite chocolates are from that shop .. You should also try a "Manon sucre vanille"

    anyway .. good luck finding tasty sweets.

  7. Spitting Ginger Shadow this video just made my day, I am so sorry to hear you lost your voice, remember when that happens drink a lot of warm tea with honey and lemon in it, like a real sliced or wheel of fresh lemon and use the honey cuz it's a good healer and soother compared to sugar. Also, about chocolate you must look up on YouTube a show called Leverage and watch the clip about Sophie, who is a world famous grifter, go to a chocolate expo and win a prize for identifying chocolate's location, flavors, all teh stats about it and stuff jsut form a small square of it.

    Also, can I have some Blegian chocolate here in Kyrgyzstan they dont have any really good chocolates and stuff htey all just taste about teh same